Patrick Sullivan ( Charlestown)

We live in Charlestown with well water. Frequently we get pinhole leaks and Jim always comes out to save the day. Honestly we don't know what we would do without him. This company is so dependable. 

Rabi Chikwalaha ( Maine)

Us being out of state landlords need a trustworthy plumber and we found Addessi Plumbings magnet on a gas pump in Maine.  We noticed it was a Rhode Island number so we called it. Addessi services all  5 of our rentals and is trustworthy, affordable and a true professional. Before Addessi we used a different plumber almost every time. And every time got "ripped off". Now we only and alway will use Addessi Plumbing.     Thank you

Mark Taylor (Narragansett)

We have been using Jim to winterize/ de-winterize & service our Narragansett's beach house for 11 years. He is always there for us and that's so important, knowing we have somebody in a time of need is deffanately comforting. 

Pioneer Pizza ( Warwick)

 Jim fixed my pizza oven and always services my restaurant. His last invoice was $225. Instead of taking a check he charged me 10 spinach delux pies and 5: 2 topping small pizzas. This guys incredible. 

Demos Pizza Factory ( Warwick)

Addessi Plumbing did our restaurant from start to finish. He dug the trenches, complete underground plumbing and plumbed the restaurant from scratch. He always worked late and made sure not to hold up the project. 

A+ buddy !

Mr. King (Providence)

I have multiple investment properties & when I need a plumber…i NEED a plumber. I've been through countless plumbers. Out rageous prices, unqualified crappy work, unlicensed, drug users, drunks, you name it and their out there.  Addessi Plumbing now services my home and all my investment properties. He picks up the phone or calls me back. That's more than most plumbers do. He ALWAYS. Comes through.